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AMOVE has earned the reputation for being the preferred moving and logistic company in Malaysia, especially for specialized commodities, delicate electronics equipments and clean-room equipments, integrated logistic services, tradeshows and exhibitions. Our clienteles consist of multinational corporation, fab manufacturer, industrial and semiconductor manufacturer, not leaving behind, a trail of satisfied customers in the household removal services. Our pledge is to fulfill all the demanding trend of a higher customer satisfaction in this era of time to overcome all necessary challenges in terms of service and reliability.

In our quest for excellence, AMOVE has overcome geographical boundaries with the advancement of technology and globalization of its services through new management services and improved philosophy. We aim to provide services of higher performances and intense focus on excellence in quality, value and flawless execution to fulfill the highest expectation of our customers. We are committed to drive innovativeness towards creating competitive, performance driver, customer focused cultures within our organization to apprehend global business environment.

The combination of technological expertise and market position has made AMOVE the leader in Malaysia’s industrial machine moving industry.
As a professional mover, AMOVEhas equipped itself with the latest moving technology and equipments as well as trained and reliable staff.AMOVE is ranked as leading mover in the following areas: -
– Machine / equipment relocation within plant or factory to factory.
– New machines to production area c/w positioning.
– Removal of machine / equipment to temporary storage area.
– Relocation of the entire production facilities.


AMOVE is the preferred mover for most of the high-tech factories in Northern Region of Malaysia thanks to
its compatibility with the high-end clean room system. With the advanced technology of the clean environment for most of the high-tech industry which including disk drive manufacturer, wafer technology manufacturer, component chips manufacturer and so on, we are proud to be the sole mover that has equipped with the high-tech moving techniques and equipments.
We are also the first company to use air equipment as a load moving system to load all equipments and machines within the clean room environment.
As the economy grows across the Asia-Pacific region, one of the major attractions to manufacturers in Malaysia is the machinery show exhibition. On such occasions, AMOVE is proud to be appointed as the official logistic provider for those exhibitions.

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