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Company Profile

Welcome to AXEON

AXEON a leading brand in industrial computing hold by Edex Technology specialised in providing value added services and solutions to our valued clients in the area of industrial computing and Automation field. We are the leading GSM modem manufacturer and GPRS modem manufacturer. We provide more specific complementary solutions to the existing products offered with the objective of toward cost effective and localised specific requirement.

Our core activities

We innovate and research to produce products which help our existing clients to have value add onto their systems. We work with the clients such as System System integrators and VARS in catering the industry needs that covers the area of:

  • Telecommunication
  • Machine making Industry
  • Computer integrated Manufacturing
  • Security – Surveillance and Access control
  • Automations and Controls
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Government sectors
  • Information Technology
  • Science and Engineering
  • Education
Our Track records:

Over the years our systems platforms has been successfully implemented and well accepted in south East Asia region in Multinational Manufacturing environment, Military, public infrastructure and facilities, world class Gaming environment, Telecoms, Petrol chemical etc.

Our strong capability lies in providing a reliable platform in Industrial computing, Embedded computing, Network computing, server computing, data acquisition, Industrial computing ,RFID and PC based Automation.

Our Believes and Our Peoples:

We believe in Education and training, where this is the best ways of transferring the knowhow from the seniors to the juniors. We strongly believe in people attitude, where excellence and effective services to our valued customer only come from a good altitude of our people.

Our business operation are closely managed by our board of directors and further executed by experienced and skilled Managers, Engineers and technician. Team building and Working in a team has been our practices with the support of our Computerized Integrated customer management system. The information flow in the company is further smoothening by this system where our customer services and greatly improved.

Our Partners and Associates:

Our business partners from local and overseas have been our core success in our business operation. Our strong backup of R&D and Manufacturing partners has allowed us to take on a bigger scale of projects and channels of supply. With the active participation of our local channel partners that ranging from system integrators, projects house, consultancies and contra tractors that have been continuously injecting viable and valuable projects, we foresee greater mutual success in the near future.

Our Mission:

We fully understand that the success of our business is strongly depending on our success of our clients and customers. Hence, it is our objective and we are always fully committed to work closely with our clients to ensure a Win-Win in all our collaborations.