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About B&N Interior Design Company

B&N Design Associate Sdn Bhd is formed in year 2006 and our mission is to provide customers with creative and quality services of interior design.

Our company operates on a networking basis, whereby we out panel interior design jobs to interior designers in the industry while our company controls the principal costs.

Objective To execute and manages projects of interior design. We highly focus on customers’ satisfactions by bringing quality finishes while meeting to every project’s deadlines through competitive prices.
Why B&N Design?

B&N Design provide a professional interior design service for clients wishing to have the best high standards of service with respect to budget, timing and functionality. We put forward our concern for the success of your entire projects operation.

  • We are fully committed, creative and practical, able to work within budget.
  • We have a strong working knowledge of local practice, contractors and suppliers.
  • Specialist in developing and implementing of corporate interiors Identities and Branding.
  • Regular trade contractors / suppliers who understand our expectation of high quality.
  • Excellent Project and construction management Skill to ensure timely execution of project within cost and quality.
  • Ability to provide turnkey solutions hence offering faster response.