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CBM Technology Sdn. Bhd.

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About CBM Technology

CBM Technology is your one-stop center for metal fabrication needs. We are Malaysian based company and located in the island called “Penang.” with over 10 years of experience working with large multi national companies, we deliver quality products on time to our customers. Our customers stay with us because we produce top quality products and achieved total customers satisfaction.

We had an exciting start in 1997 as a small company entering the field of “Metal Fabrication and Engineering Works”. We are specialized in manufacturing and supplying all kind of metal related products such as vending machines structures and frame works. Fabricate custom made oven, conveyors, stainless steel /mild steel products and etc.

Our internal system processes are in line with quality management system standards and today we are ISO 9001:2000 Compliance Company.


We believe in utilizing the best technology available in order to grow and maintain a consistently high standard in our products, we therefore constantly strive to improve our own technology and encourage our suppliers to be the same.


We emphasize prompt efficient and friendly from all our employees. Being customer oriented, we work closely with our customer both before and after sales to better understand their obligation and create a partnership between us. We also appreciate support from our suppliers, and we encourage improvement in service while ensuring punctuality in reimbursement on our own part.


We demand quality in our products, our staff and our suppliers. As we utilize the latest in technology available, we also require the best from our own personnel as well as from our suppliers, emphasizing on quality and not price.


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