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DH Marketing – Door Manufacturer

Our company is also a leading manufacturer of all kinds of traffic doors. We not only sell but also help our customers in repairing the traffic doors of their companies at their premises be it their stock rooms, or any freezer or cooler they may possess.

Our customer satisfaction is our prime concern and in order to provide them with the best of our services, we have our offices spread throughout the country. As a leading door manufacturer, customer safety is a prime issue for us and for this very reason, we do not let slip our customers’ trust from our hands. Give us a chance and you will find yourself in the safest hands.

Door Manufacturer

We are one of the leading door manufacturers producing all types of frames and hollow metal doors. We sell and install only superior quality materials. We also manufacture and distribute a wide range of gauges, styles, and sizes to meet all types of security, aesthetic, and safety requirements of our customers.

Our company is able to provide any style or type of frames and doors for both interior and exterior purpose, and our company is one of those who can provide any type of frames and doors as ordered by our customers for their unique applications. We also engage in the conversion as well as labeling of windows, door frames, and fire doors.

Our approach is that of a consultative one to door manufacturing and distribution. Whenever we learn from our service department about a few common problems that our esteemed customers are facing with their doors, we work with the new architecture and construction departments of those customers to modify such specifications that will prevent the occurrence of these problems on future sites and stores.

Apart form being one of the top-most door manufacturers, our company is a leading dealer of several other specialty products. In this line of products, our most common product is to install and provide service to our customers for restroom accessories and partitions. We are well equipped to replace other door manufacturers or the style of partitions, their material such as stainless steel, solid polymer, and baked enamel finish, and so on.

We have expert technicians for dock equipments who have at least ten years’ experience in this field. They are capable of repairing any model of hydraulic, mechanical, air bag dock levers, dock seals, and shelters and all kinds of dock lever edges. A group of welders always accompanies our technicians which enable them to repair most of the machines during their initial visit itself.

We are wholesale distributors of high speed doors to many vertical markets that include cold storage facilities, distribution centers, manufacturing industries, and so on. We are working almost with all the main high speed door manufacturers and this has enabled us to offer right solutions to our customers to fulfill their specific request. We can also install and sell any kind of heavy duty rubber doors, aluminum high speed doors for higher security, and ultra fast fabric doors.

We also provide a number of models of rolling fire and service doors. For proper operation of these fire doors, they are tested by our authorized technicians thoroughly before they are set to hit the market.

Lock Manufacturer

We are also one of the largest lock manufacturers in the entire continent producing various types of locks. It has been over a century that we have been building secured locks and maintained the hard-earned trust among our customers. With so many years of experience in hand and latest technology to support, we have pioneered the art of making a large range of the most secured locks in the continent that suit all the specified requirements of our customers.

We also export to different continents of the world. We have our business established in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. The main reason we have been able to build trust among so many customers is because of our great quality and very competitive rates. We manufacture locks in combination of designs of handles sets. These handle sets are manufactured from different materials like brass, powder coating, chromium plating, and so on. We also build locks that perfectly match furnishings of offices and homes. So, we not only consider the security while manufacturing these locks but also pay attention to their styling and finishing. We produce a wide range of locks. Some of them are as follows:

  • Brass pad Locks
  • Steel pad Locks
  • Bright pad Locks
  • Special Brass Locks
  • Rim Latch and Night Latch
  • Locks for the cupboard and drawers
  • Locks those are multipurpose in use
  • Furniture Locks
  • Locks for the Aluminum Sections
  • Sliding Locks
  • Dead Locks
  • Mortice Locks
  • Rim and Door Locks
  • Locks for the cylindrical doors

We also produce different handle sets. Some of them are as follows:

  • Handle Set made of Brass Mortice
  • Handle Set made of Pincylindrical Mortice
  • Handle Set made of Babylatch Mortice
  • Cabinet fittings made from Brass
  • Pull handles made from Brass
  • Other Hardware fittings
  • Fittings that are used in construction industry

In brief, we provide all types of locks. We have our network spread throughout the country, through our dealers, area distributors, and stockiest. Our company has also attained international recognition indirectly through those export houses who supply our products to international markets.

In the past five years, our company has introduced a range of products which also includes very sophisticated Pin Cylinder Locking Systems. We are a leading manufacturing company of personal protective equipments. We can prove as your most reliable associate that will ensure you complete security and safety of your workplace. Our products guarantee the safest workplace for your employees. Our mission is to provide maximum protection to you and your workers.

Our lock making unit is spread over 5,000 sq yards and works on latest technology. In order to produce standard products, each and every piece is tested under the supervision of an expert team using latest technology before it leaves the factory premises. For this very reason, we have clients from every field such as iron and steel industries, petrochemical industries, nuclear power, paper industries, CNG/LPG pipeline projects, fertilizer industries, construction industries, and many more.