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Focus Time is a specialist shop in the business of selling and servicing branded watches. The founder of this company, Mr Lam Kok Weng has established Focus Time in year 1982 located in Petaling Jaya. Mr Lam used to be an apprentice in watch servicing back in 70′s century. In 80′s century, he has established his own business in branded watch repair, service and selling second hand branded watches.

Through the years of his business, Mr Lam has developed the experience and skills in identifying between genuine and counterfeit branded watches. His knowledge and expertise in watch repair and servicing have gained him reputation in the watch industry followed by his honest and trustworthiness in serving his customers.

As the company’s business developed, Focus Time is also providing service of trade in branded watches to our customers. Focus Time accepts branded watches to be traded in with brands such as Rolex and etc. Customers too can find an extensive range of luxury watches from Focus Time. We ensure that all of our watches are genuine and comes with relevant certification and warranty. Our company uphold the reliability of our business. We sell branded watches at a competitive price, ensuring customers in their satisfaction upon the prices that they are paying for.

Focus Time is also catering our services for branded antique watch lovers whereby we are selling a collection of branded antique watches. Customers who are collectors of branded antique watches can too send their branded antique watches to us for service or repair.

We are dedicated in serving our best to clients in their collection of watches, being it buying, trade in, service of repair. Focus Time is always your trusted choice when it comes to watches.