Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does Asiacomhub do?

We are an online business directory aiming to assist our customers in their online business promotion and marketing. Asiacomhub also allow users to have quicker access to their selected companies (which are in our directory listing) for specific products or services required. Besides, Asiacomhub also serves as a job portal for employers and employees.

Q2: What are the benefits to have my company listed in Asiacomhub’s directory?

Being in our directory means there is increased chances of your company being searched by internet users as companies’ listing will be classified according to their nature of business in a systematic approach. We believe our online business directory will increase visibility of your company‚Äôs products or services, improving traffic of your company while able to promote your business to greater heights.

Q3: How do I register with Asiacomhub?

Registration is simple and you are welcome to contact PCT Innovations for further processing. Our dedicated customer service representative will provide you prompt service.