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Company Background

Gan Engineering was established in Malaysia since 1976 by the founder Mr Gan Ah Tong. Its operation commenced as a work shop in providing part repairing services of engine, gearbox, hydraulic system and welding.

Customers can obtain a wide selection of machineries and engines from for their automotives such as high performance and race automobiles, light truck, motorcycle, stationary machinery, etc.

At present Gan Engineering increased our company services by providing our professional services in total engine machining for cylinder block, crankshaft, cylinder head, con rod, etc.

Specifically, we has upgraded our valve seat cutting machine with a FIXED-TURNING® from the Newen Contour machine instead of SERDI 3.0 large machining to get a perfect seal between valve seat into valve without lapping.

This FIXED-TURNING® provides and guarantees:

  • – Valve seat circularity < 3 microns
  • – Valve seat surface finish < Öra 0.4 (subjective to the material)
  • – Segment linearity < 0,004mm (4m)
  • – Concentricity between the valve guide and the valve seat: <25m for H6 valve guides and < 30m for H7 valve guides

This is the highest level of quality nowadays.