GME Carbon Sdn Bhd

GME Carbon Sdn Bhd

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Full Description

GME CARBON SDN BHD is a company incorporated in 2002 to provide services to various industries sectors. It is specialized in:

  • Electrical Applications
  • Electrical Protection
  • Specialties & Advance Materials
  • Chemical Engineering Equipment
  • Sealing & Mechanical Applications

Our Company specializes in manufacturing of graphite mechanical products, jigs & fixtures for continuous castings & semi-conductor industries, carbon brushes and current collectors.

Our Mission

As a manufacturer and services provider, our company aims to provide quality services to all our customers. We believe in providing our customers with the best quality products on time with the lowest possible cost.

Aiming to be customer oriented, we are always on the track to carry out research and development to be in line with the needs of our customers which are always on the move to developing new products for industrial requirements.

We strongly believe that by developing strong customers – supplier relationship would enhance the partnership in challenging the breakthrough in the ever changing technologies.