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We are an industrial INSTRUmentations PROfessional!

The company is led by a group of people who have over 10 years of extensive experience in industrial instrumentations such as flow, pressure, temperature and level. We also supply a wide range of analytical instruments for use in industrial, laboratory and field where includes pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, ion, temperature and also salinity.

Our technical and engineering group are qualified in performing servicing, calibration, testing, commissioning and also installation for all kind of instruments like pressure, temperature, flow transmitters and gauges including fixed and portable gas detection equipment either in-house or on-site.

In view of our company sales and technical capability and achievement, we have managed to secure a sole distributorship for a few international brands in instrument.

MOSTEK, Innovative Korea technology in industrial process automation which is mainly of essentially need in the process control and measuring instruments of Flow, Pressure, Level, Temperature, Humidity.
KOBOLD, German’s leading international instrumentation brand with distinctive instruments ranging from flow to pressure, level, temperature, analysis and food grade instruments. They provide products that are economical, highly reliable and have a long life.
NUOVA FIMA, Italian reputable manufacturer of pressure and temperature instruments with more than 50 years in experience. The quality of the products is guaranteed by ISO9001:2000 certification and by compliance with the strictest international directives in the sector.
JENCO, USA manufacturer for water quality instruments with over 35 years of experience. This brand is prevalent in their line of water quality instruments which now spans pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, ion and temperature meters, testers, portable, benchtops and online analyzers. All their products manufacture in its ISO9001 and IECQ Hazardous Substance Process Management certified manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.
SUPERLOK, Korea the best technological high grade stainless steel industrial fittings and valves series manufacturer.
BW TECHNOLOGIES by Honeywell, a subsidiary of Honeywell International dealing in fixed, portable and stand-alone gas detectors.

We offer a wide range of instruments, for use in the most diverse industrial applications, ranging from petrochemicals to the foodstuffs and health sectors, hydraulics and the production and transmission of electricity, water treatment and the production and distribution of gas.

For us in InstruPro, every new job is a new challenge. We look forward to be your trusted partner in industrial instrumentations…