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Established since 1994, Kadyn Plus Sdn Bhd (often shortened as Kadyn) began its operation by offering the very first small, disposable, and inline carbon filter. The very first water filter was designed to eliminate contaminants that cause unwanted taste, odour and discolourization in drinking water. Simply derived from the concept of “better taste water”, Kadyn Plus was born, and grown. Kadyn Plus is a Malaysian-based company specializing in proven Swiss hightech drinking water filtration within the region.

The evolving needs and demand of customers has led us to rethink and strategize, later rolled out more water filtration systems and applications, including commercial beverage equipment, under-the-sink and residential use.

As of today, you will find Kadyn Plus water filters being utilized virtually in anywhere, throughout Malaysia!

We are committed to providing excellent services in the areas of water filtration system for a both residential and commercial consumption. Since the beginning, Kadyn Plus has been committed to maintaining a legacy of integrity and quality.

Customer driven is simply our philosophy. We believe that success depends on understanding and exceeding the expectations of our customers. That’s what makes us to continuously improve on our service operating procedures.

Our Vision

To be the leading professional water filtration provider in Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

Our mission and values are to make people healthier by having cleaner and healthier water.