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Kun Seng Keng was founded in 22 January 1988; they are located at Muar, Johor, Malaysia. In the year 1996, they are officially registers as culture society. Kun Seng Keng start with a difficult journey, they are facing many criticism from outsider. Founder of Kun Seng Keng, Mr. Tan Choong Hing is without any lion dance experience, involuntary he is facing many challenge and stress, but with his strong passion and unity of team member, nowadays Kun Seng Keng becomes a famous lion dance group.

International Kun Seng Keng is established on 4th of December 2012. The team has join in include Muar Kun Seng Keng dragon and lion dance association, China Kun Seng Keng dragon and lion dance association, Indonesia Kun Seng Keng dragon and lion dance association , Singapore Kun Seng Keng dragon and lion dance association, Taiwan Kun Seng Keng dragon and lion dance association. From this, we can realize Kun Seng Keng this brand is famous and is an international level lion dance group.

Kun Seng Keng dragon and lion dance Kuala Lumpur association establish on year 2012 July. Purpose of establish is to further promotion Lion sports culture in our country. KLKSK is holding 5 spirits that is zhong, ren, yi, yong, qi, to spread lion dance sport culture. Besides that, KLKSK also provide the best learning place for member, KLKSK hope teenage can use their after school time to practice and bring up their interesting in this culture. KLKSK also will always organize international activity and also will provide chance to let member to have training at oversea. Through all this activity, member who join also can bring up their discipline and let them learn how to communication with other, this for their future time is very useful.

Services – Our performances

Southern Lion “High poles”

Usually performed by a Single or Twin Southern lions as a celebration at New Year, anniversary and opening ceremony. The lion demonstrates awesome features on the high-poles of heights as tall as 3-meters, it surely takes the breath of the audiences away.

Southern Lion Ground performance

The Twin lions works a variety of dance movements, encompassed by the percussions of drums, gongs and cymbals. This performance array is suitable for stage performances, as well as welcoming of guests and VIps.

Dragon Dance

Dragons are believed to bring good luck to people, which are reflected in their qualities that include great power, dignity, fertility, wisdom and auspiciousness. The dragon body is flexible and dynamic, light and agile, usually use in daytime and outdoor performance.

Luminous Dragon

We’ll be able to see the Speedy and Elegant yet Aggressive Fast movement of our Luminous Dragon performance. The effects of using ultra violet light to portray our dragon soaring in the dark will leave audience a great experience. It is usually used in banquet, party and indoor performance.

Northern Lion

The Northern lion Dance projects a very active, happy, and playful movement. In their performance, they will joyously and actively chased after the ball, by leaping over tables, chairs, spinning themselves in 360 degrees stunt and rolling over one and another.

Unicorn “Ci lin”

It is a mythical divine animal in the Chinese tradition. Chinese people worshiped it for prosperity and safety. The “Ci lin” is extremely popular with businessmen as the “Ci lin” is one of the most important Feng Shui requirements for prosperous business.

24 Seasons Drum

The respected art which emphasizes on the combination of move formations and drum beat variations to bring out multiple dimension of musical sensation. Usually can form by a group of 8, 12, 18 & 24 drummers. Drum show is always the first program to lighting up your event.

Japanese Drum (Taiko)

The sheer power of these pounding drums never fails to capture audience attention. A Taiko performance is an excellent, lively way to begin any reception or gala dinner.

Girl Drum performance

8 / 12 girls to perform a unique drum performance to show the girl’s power. Most of them will show their Chinese kung fu during the performance.

God of Fortune

The God of Fortune is known and believed to bring Wealth to people. God of Fortune are dressed in complete Traditional Gown with Make-up and Beard. We’ll be able to see the God of Fortune distributes “Ang pow” and “Gold Coins” to the Audience. These “Ang pow” and “Gold Coins” Symbolized Lucky and Fortune throughout the Year.

Big Head Buddha

Big Head Buddha will entertain the audience and tickle the kids with funny gestures.

Face Changing “Bian lian”

Face Changing is an important aspect of Chinese Sichuan opera. performers wave their arms and twist their heads, and their painted masks change again and again and again.

Chinese Acrobatic Show

Acrobatics is an interactive art form. Everyone, young or old, educated or not, can easily appreciate it while watching or seeing the acrobats perform. Watching a Chinese Acrobatics Show, strongly impacts you both mentally and physically. You will truly have an unforgettable experience of your life.

Magic Show

Our magicians offer a variety of amazing magic services like Magic Shows, Magic Workshops, Stage Magic, Close-up Table Magic, Grand Illusions Shows, Birthday Magicians, and Customized Shows.

Other Services

We also supply Sound & light system, together with Indoor / Outdoor Stage, Truss System, Balloon Decorations, pyro effect and etc.