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A Beautiful Future at LENCE  Academy
Welcome to LENCE Academy where beauty comes to life! LENCE Academy is part of a bigger group of education learning team.  We work hand in hand with Greencity International College as a sister company providing knowledge in the hospitality and beauty industry.

At LENCE, our highly experienced and award-winning instructors nurture our students with cutting edge designs that successfully combine contemporary aesthetics and practicality. Students will learn the latest trends & techniques in the beauty industry to create spellbinding iconic masterpieces that their future clients will crave for more.

Whether you want to enhance your personal knowledge or to upgrade your career, LENCE  Academy will give the edge you’ve been looking for and start a career in the creative world of beauty.


Beautiful Facilities
The facilities of LENCE Academy are designed to provide our students a conducive experiential learning and professional environment that will draw out their beautiful characters. This learning environment develops the professional customer service skills needed to succeed in the industry.