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Logamweld has established itself as a reliable one-stop centre that meets customers’ Welding, Cutting, Forming and Industrial Hardware needs.

We are the market leader and specialist provider of engineering support services for a range of products marketed under exclusive agencies for a complete range of Welding equipment and Cutting equipment from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic including robotic processes as well as a major importer for a comprehensive range of piping materials including API pipes, fittings, flanges and induction bends.

Logamweld‘s strong customer focus is to provide prompt service and products reliability.

Logamweld‘s core business strength lies in the diversified and comprehensive nature of its services which are complementary to each other in providing a one-stop centre that includes the following :

  • A variety of energy saving initiatives to reduce power consumption. Cooling modification of replacing Air-conditioner with Evaporative Wet Air Cooler in our facility. Lighting modification of replacing it with energy-saving bulbs.
  • Soy-based inks are introduced as they are cleaner and easier for paper recycling.
  • We recommend alcohol free printing to free the use of IPA (Isopropanol) to control the emission of VOC. It elevates temperature that causes global warming effect.
  • The control of start-up waste in our production for job adjustments. Waste is accounted for to achieve greatest efficiency in production.

Logamweld is actively involved in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Oleochemical, Refinery, Power Plant, Shipbuilding, Automotive Industry, Manufacturing, Engineering Fabrication, Construction, Infrastructure Development projects and Technical Training Institutes.