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LYTE Marketing and Services Sdn Bhd specializes in delivering solutions especially access control solutions, time attendance software and hardware. We provide a wide range of versatile management software as well as relevant accessories and hardware components, which free our potential users from hassle and heavy workload. Apart from the reliability and user-friendliness of our systems and software, we also furnish our users with comprehensive and probably unlimited support. With all these automated tools, the daily routine tasks have been made much easier.

Founded in April 2011 by a group of dedicated and innovative people with technical expertise, we anticipate and envision the massive growth of the IT industry. After years of relentless endeavor, we are one of the top leading providers in systems and software. While the IT industry has evolved to the mass adoption stage, changing the fabric of everyday life, businesses have just scratched the surface.

Our Mission
Our mission is to tackling complexity through e-solutions to streamline processes and raise productivity, to reduce both costs and complexity. We understand the critical issues you face everyday. That’s why we provide expertise, tools and resources to take your business where you want it to go a new level of competitive advantage and dedicate to one thing making you more successful.

Our Vision
In today’s fast-paced IT world, LYTE Marketing and Services Sdn Bhd is leading the way with our goal to offer new esolutions and better e-services. Bodet Time System continues our driving innovation and technological efficiencies to provide simplicity and greater value for our customers. LYTE Marketing and Services Sdn Bhd diversity envisions an empowered workforce where our employees are moving with speed and disciplining to do what is right for our customers, at anywhere for small and large accounts.

Our Diversity
LYTE Marketing and Services Sdn Bhd value the e-solutions as an open ecosystem, which creates a playing field lever for diverse everyone around the world. By leveraging our diverse set of skills, needs and experiences allows us continually strive to create innovative solutions and services in the context of an ever-changing marketplace. That is why at LYTE and Services Sdn Bhd diversity is not only about doing the right thing; it is a smart business practice.

Our Commitment
With a keen pioneering spirit, LYTE Marketing and Services Sdn Bhd stand ready to serve our customers with integrity and an unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards. Our professional service experts provide powerful esolutions to fit your business needs: computer systems, software development and networking communications — whatever you need. At LYTE Marketing and Services Sdn Bhd, we are committed to new e-solutions and better eservices