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Full Description

We Are The Leading Paper Cup Supplier

Our Mission

  • Achieve beyond global standard manufacturer recognition
  • Deliver our promise of quality products
  • Building long term Partnerships

Our Vision

To uphold and strengthen our corporate reputation as a well trusted, robust, quality and customer oriented Company that builds not only long lasting partnerships, but also great products .

Our Values

  • Customer Focus
  • Quality Centric
  • Corporate Responsibility

Malex Paper Products was first established back in 1976, started in the manufacture of classic paper containers, paper cups and products for the ice cream industry. Over time through market evolution and our Company’s continuous growth, Malex Paper Products has successfully refocused our product scope into the manufacture of quality beverage paper drinking cups and containers of all types and sizes, cup lids and a vast array of specialty paper packaging products for the catering and fast food takeaway industry, both locally and international.

Today, Malex Paper Products is a leading Malaysian manufacturer and paper cup supplier of paper drinking cups, with nearly 50 million cups capacity per month and ever expanding manufacturing line. Malex not only plays a major supply role in the domestic corporate and wholesale market, we have gained and maintained satisfied customers in International markets through our distributor partnerships. Countries in the Asia Pacific region including Singapore, Thailand and also countries in Europe, Eastern Europe, America and Australasia.

We pride ourselves in our fully integrated manufacturing facilities from raw material to finished product, thus standing by our commitment to ensure our customers enjoy the best value for quality products from start to finish. It is our mission to build partnerships throughout our client base, and not just great products that deliver innovative packaging solutions to our customers.