Max-Textile Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Max-Textile Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd.

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Max-Textile Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd, formerly Chibing Industries Sdn Bhd, originated from Batu Pahat, Johor, the capital of textile in Malaysia, was established by Mr Chua Lai Huik since the 1984. Firstly as an sole proprietor company, Mr Chua Lai Huik officially incorporated Chibing Industries Sdn Bhd in 1990, and then slowly established itself as a quality player of T shirt manufacturer and T shirt supplier in manufacturing quality garments and apparel products of T shirt Malaysia.

Throughout the years of 1990s, Chibing Industries Sdn Bhd was one of leading OEM manufacturers for local fashion brands including B.U.M. Equipment, Snails Original, Antioni, and Body Gloves. Since year 2000, the company beginning to expand its OEM product range to sportswear and golf apparels, and have produced for international names such as Lotto, Kappa, PGA Tour and CrossCreek.

With the rise of advertising and promotions industry in Malaysia, Chibing Industries diverted its focus to the blooming market of promotional apparels and imagewears, and the Kuala Lumpur office was established in 2005 to further expand the client base, at the same time meeting demand of the constantly growing market. To further enhance the organization’s identity, the company was later on renamed to ‘Max-Textile Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd’, with the aim to ‘MAXimize quality, services and creativity in TEXtile products.

The first in-house brand, maxtex® was launched since year 2008 specifically to cater customized imagewears for all promotional purposes. maxtex® further positioned the appealing and quality niche of imagewears, and has been one of the leading corporate & promotional apparel brands in the country ever since. To date, many of our products are carrying the marquee of various major international corporate establishments.

The company introduced Freestyle® in 2013, as the Ready-To-Wear Corporate Fashion collection. 100% designed and produced by Malaysian, Freestyle® prides itself for its unique trademarked fabrics (MicroDry™ & PIMA™) with superior durability, comfort and functionality, as well as its sleek & modem product design. To meet the fast growing demand, Freestyle® will soon introduces its retail range to be available for purchase both online and physical retail outlets.