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You can’t ignore the importance of the clothes/garment hanger. The correct hanger will merchandise your clothing more effectively and will protect it from mishandling and damage. The weight of a coat or jacket on the wrong hanger can lead to distressed. Further, hangers that don’t match or are easily broken distract from what could otherwise be a great display presentation.

For a very moderate cost you can quickly elevate the value of your merchandise and your store’s image. From handsome wooden hangers to satin bra and panty hangers to fine steel decorative hangers, you will find a clothing hanger for whatever your need in our selection.

We take pride in what we do each day to better serve our clients!

Established since 1996, Meng Peng owns more than 10 years experience in designing & producing the best quality of garment & hangers in town. To sustain in this savvy and competitive world, we continuously provide good services to our customers. As return, our customers cover up most of the laundry shop and boutique in KL and Klang Valley.