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As we all know, smoking are very bad for health.
Global efforts so far have not been able to stop people from the diseases caused by this habit. Also, smokers may find it hard to quit despite how hard they tried.

However, the problem can be solved! With KIDO’s health products, your lungs can be protected.
Developed & researched by a team of scientists from Harvard.
KIDO’s patented pro-lung solution contains EGCG, a natural component found in tea, along with mint and other active plant ingredients.

Pro-Lung proven to be effectively increasing lung activities, it helps lungs to breathe itself without toxins, freshens one’s breath and cleans our body’s respiration system.
Futhermore, KIDO health products meet World Health Organization’s food safety standards; Obtained EUropean Conformity CE and China’s 3DC certifications;
and passes SGS toxicity test and laboratory testings in Beijing & Shanghai. Come experience the healing power of KIDO!!!

  • Use as transition agent from smoking to cessation.
  • Possesses treating & cleansing functions, purify and protect lungs, safe and harmless.
  • Help cells to expel toxic substanced inhaled from smoking, prevent puilmonary fibrosis and reduce risk of lung cancer.
  • Belongs to atomizing agent, protects the environment and do not emit second hand or harmful gas.
  • Non-flammable, no tobacco and no tar contained.