Queensland Institute of Commerce and Technology

Queensland Institute of Commerce and Technology

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About QICT

The Queensland Institute of Commerce and Technology (QICT) was founded in 2002. Since its inception, the QICT has been growing rapidly, developing a reputation for quality and innovation in education and training.

The courses offered by QICT have been developed to ensure that there is an appropriate balance between theory and practice. In addition, carefully designed industry experience component has been incorporated into a number of the courses, providing our students with the unique exposure to experience the year demands and expectations of the workforce while they are still studying.

Facilities at QICT

At QICT, we have an up to date facilities to assist you in your education and training.
A library which have references to relevant book authors for your reading pleasure.

We have three (3) Well equipped classrooms with a capacity of up to 25 students for a better trainer-student ratio.

We at QICT believe in quality education and are always on the lookout to upgrade our facilities to suit our student’s need.