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StarryNite mattresses are developed using advanced Swedish technology with exclusive Multiflex and ContourFit Springing System that gives you the ideal comfort that your body needs. StarryNite brand is originated from Sweden and it is owned by Hilding Anders Group, the world’s third largest bed and mattress supplier with the vision to provide consumers around the world with a good night’s sleep. The company has annual net sales of 7 billion SEK, is based in Malmö, Sweden, and employs roughly 6,300 employees in 30 local companies on 40 different markets.

StarryNite brand is managed by Hilding Anders Asia Pacific Ltd who owns Slumberland brand and its associated brands (StarryNite, Vono, SlumberKIDS and others) in more than 20 countries across Asia. Hilding Anders Asia Pacific Ltd also owns 4 bedding manufacturing plants, one each in Malaysia, Thailand and 2 in China.

In Singapore, StarryNite mattresses are manufactured by Hilding Anders Malaysia Sdn Bhd and marketed by Hilding Anders Singapore Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hilding Anders Asia Pacific Ltd.

Our Products

StarryNite DeStress Mattress

  • DeStress 800
  • DeStress 800 Plus

StarryNite ReCharge Mattress

  • ReCharge 1
  • ReCharge 2
  • ReCharge 3