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With our years of services as a sofa repairing company, Vinzo has gained much support and recognition from our customers through the services which we have provided to them. We are glad to be able to provide our service in sofa repair by saving their torn, old or ragged sofa by transforming them to a brand new look.

about vinzo enterprise

Vinzo’s core business is in repairing and cleaning of various types of sofas, car cushions and antique furniture. We assist our customers from various business sectors such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, recreational centres, exhibition’s products providers and many more.

We bring old furniture back to life and this maintains the memory of each piece of our customers’ valuable furniture. There are various fabric materials for our customers to choose from in restoring their old or ragged furniture such as leather, pu, cloth fabric, etc. The choice is unlimited and we just aren’t repairing the furniture but also enhance the overall look of the piece of furniture that may contribute to the interior space.

Our employees adopted traditional handmade skills as well as modern technique in our furniture repair service. Each repairing is performed by paying great attention to any fine details in ensuring to bring quality services to our customers.

As the slogan of our company says “Re-life Your Furniture” and we shall keep our promise in providing our best services in furniture repair to customers who wish to revamp their old furniture and turn them into a brand new look!