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This company was being established to bring better service and quality of security product in Malaysia. Most of the home and companies need some security features to protect from theft, burglary, fire and insurance for their assets but without a company that can provide all & professional advice to them in one company.

As Malaysian arising concern about safety of their property and family, a group of young , energetic and experience partners set up this company to provide one stop home security systems service that supply safe box, alarm system and home content insurance.

The Malaysia’s leading insurance company partnered with this company to provide home content insurance which cover from fire & lightning, explosion, theft, floods and more.

Valorforce is the brand name for the company safe box & FRC (fire resistance cabinets). The safe box is manufactured in compliance to known standards like UL Standard, USA; JIS, Japan; SKB, Netherlands and SIRIM, Malaysia. The company name VR Solution which means Viable & Reliable solutions to the customers, it’s a main mission of the team and will be improve from time to time.