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Malaysia sole agent for Young Chang, Korea No.1 Piano

YC Music (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is established in 2001 and is the Sole Agent of Young Chang Piano in Malaysia. Besides being the sole agent for Young Chang, YC Music has also started our music school which is the YC Music School. Our music school provides music learning of various musical instruments in a conducive learning environment.

YC Music’s new office/showroom is now located in Kepong of Kuala Lumpur city. This area is well serviced by multiple accesses to other parts of Kuala Lumpur and PJ.

Other than offering music classes for students, YC Music also provides music classes to music teachers or music professionals who wish to further their studies in the field of music. YC Music also sells other instrument like keyboard, violin, guitar, percussion and other musical accessories and book.


YC Music Academy

The best learning environment and facilities for Music & Art Courses. We provide all your need and enjoyment in music education at your neighborhood!

For more information, please visit YC Music .

Music Class

Music class is very important for a child’s growth. Music inspires creativity and brain development. Researches have shown the benefits to taking a music class. Established in the year 2001, YC Music (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is the only provider of Young Chang Piano in Malaysia. Aside from being a known dealer for piano, YC Music has ventured into other areas such music class. Our aim in business is to provide music learning to students from all age groups especially to those who reside within the Kuala Lumpur area. Our centre is equipped with the required facilities for a good learning environment to students who learn music with us.

Music inspires creativity. Children and individuals alike benefit a lot from being creative. YC Music School offers several courses that can help build a child’s musical foundation. The following music courses are offered:

  • Piano lessons
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Percussion

Aside from these lessons, we also offer music class for different instruments along with vocal and ballet training. The music class in YC Music School is handled by music professionals and experts from all over Malaysia. YC Music School sees to it that its music class expertly structured so that students will truly learn and grow.

Children exposed to music class are noted to do much better in class. In YC Music School, we guarantee that our music class will help your children develop their musical foundation. Our office and facility is strategically located for people within the Kuala Lumpur area. For inquiries, you can call or contact us through email. Aside from formal music class we also offer and sell musical instruments and other musical accessories needed for musical instructions.

It is never too late to prepare your child. Taking music class is one step into a bright future.


YC Music Piano Shop

Welcome to YC Music Piano Shop, we have the widest range collection of brand new and used pianos for your selection.

For more information, please visit Young Chang or YC Music.

Young Chang, Weber and Albert Weber Piano


Piano Shop

Are you interested in taking a music class? Or perhaps are you already taking one? Piano lessons are very prevalent nowadays particularly because the piano can be considered as one of the most elegant as well as beautiful-sounding instrument that an individual can ever have. Once you purchase it from a piano shop, it is something that you can treasure and make use of for a very long time. Therefore, it is essential find a good piano shop that can provide you with a good piano.

There are many piano shops around; nevertheless, there are only a few piano shops that have a good and extensive collection of pianos. YC Music Piano Shop has the most extensive collection of brand new and used pianos for you to choose from. Our piano shop seeks to provide customers with the best piano selection. Our piano shop is sole dealer for Yong Chang pianos and no other piano shop brings customers such a good selection. Aside from brand new pianos, YC Music Piano Shopalso offers a selection of used pianos. For those who find themselves in a tight budget, YC Music Piano Shop offers another alternative aside from new ones.

YC Music Piano Shop is part of YC Music (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd which was established in the year 2001. YC Music Piano Shop is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to continually be Malaysia’s top musical provider. Aside from the piano shop, YC Music (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd offers different music courses. With top rate facilities and a pool of music experts and professionals, YC music offers its own YC Music School. Providing the best learning environment for musical instruction, we aim to help build your child’s musical foundation. YC Music also sells other musical accessories.


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